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The sky is a compelling location in that it represents a powerful crossroads of science and religion in the human mind. These images, from an extended project entitled "Aether" are an attempt to address this intersection of logic and spirit. 
The title refers to an element in an archaic scientific theory concerning the nature of physical matter and the propagation of light. Also, in early Greek mythology, the word served to name the home of the gods, the upper realm of the sky and the pure, rarified air found there. 
On one level, this project is a simple meditation on the evanescent interaction of light and form as the natural world constantly renewals of itself. On another, however, this work is meant to question the power of absolutism in our society and the urge to label, quantify and explain every aspect of human existence. Scientific "facts" are accepted as such, but may, in time, be disproved as knowledge expands, while the gods of one age may suffer eventual demotion to become the folklore of a later time. No matter the evolution of our thinking, life continues.
In doing this work, I am reminded that the ordinary world is a place of wonder, where the simple act of looking up can be, if for only a moment, an illuminating experience in which a sentient question becomes eminently more valuable than insubstantial certitude. 
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